Perfect for Perms


Cleans and removes surface oil and build up from styling and finishing products while restoring hairs natural moisture balance, leaving it softly healthy, and manageable.

Fait de Cheveux

This moisture enriched conditioning agent leaves hair soft, manageable, and static free. Detangles as well as conditions and won’t add excess weight to the hair.

Conditioning Creme Relaxer

Our unique conditioning cremem relaxer prevents moisture loss, while reinforcing the hair structure. Replaces lost emollients, and rejuvenates dull deprived hair leaving it soft to the touch, easy to style, and undeniably natural looking.

INS (Intensive Neutralizing Solution)

The perfect after perm neutralizing conditioner that completely eliminates damage caused during the chemical relaxation process. It penetrates the cortex to neutralize alkali, immediately stopping the perming action. Effectively enables hair to return to it’s natural pH balance after perming.

Leave In Conditioner

This richly blended leave in treatment protects hair from the harshness of thermal heating and styling. Restores body, shine, and elasticity to lifeless hair.

Achieve (Moisture Enriched Treatment)

Effectively penetrates the hair shaft restoring lost moisture while adding pliability and natural sheen. Also revitalizes dull, dry hair.

PHC (Precision Heat Complex)

Heat activated to provide extraordinary shine, body, and volume while resurrecting dry brittle hair to it’s normal healthy look and feel. Never sticky, never flaky, no more frizz.

Finishing Creme

This rich combination of essential oils and proteins provides hair a healthier look, a visible luster, and balanced conditioning. It’s light formula will never weigh hair down.

Polishing Gloss

Active ingredients seal in moisture and generates a smooth, radiant surface that revitalizes extremely damaged, over processed hair. Our rich silicone based formula enhanced with Aloe Vera helps eliminate frizziness and split ends while providing sheen and manageability. Excellent in damp or dry hair. Perfect for Wrap and Doobie hairstyles.

Polishing Mist

Enriched with natural oils and emollients, this amazing mist rejuvenates dull lifeless hair making it radient, while also eliminating frizziness. Carefully selected silicones enhance the hairs natural highlights and control unmanageable fly away hair.

Hair Oil

A combination of the finest natural oils enables this product to provide striking highlights, outstanding sheen, and unbelievable manageability to braids, weaves, and natural hair styles.

Wrap Master (Wrap & Setting Lotion)

Protein enriched for added body, smoothness, and superior texture. Wrap Master’s flake free formula provides an impeccable silkiness to hair while holding sets longer.

Non Aerosol Holding Sheen

This fine mist adds outstanding sheen, while providing superior holding power that looks and feels absolutely natural. Never sticky or gummy, and hair won’t dust or flake.

Hand & Body Lotion

Acts as a moisturizer and protectant against weather sensitive skin. It’s rich non-greasy formula soothes and softens skin instantly. Apply lotion to dry skin and massage in thoroughly. Your skin will never feel better!

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