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This is how I use African Threading to Stretch my hair, heat free.

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Thread for used for braiding hair: The same weave thread used for
sew-in weaves. You can find it at any beauty supply store that sells
hair extensions.
The authentic thread used in Ghana is much silkier than weave thread, so if you find your hair doesn't work well with weave thread you can try that, or a silkier synthetic thread from a sewing/craft store. Here's a link to a picture of the authentic thread: – PLEASE NOTE I am not recommending this site, it's just a photo I found on the internet. This thread is a little harder to come by than weave thread. Some African shops carry it. It's also not as strong as weave thread so you may need to double the thread up before braiding.

Large bottle of Giovanni's Direct leave-in Moisturizing
conditioner:Online – Massage warehouse sells the large bottle for
around $12.

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