I think it's important to support black business and smaller businesses too- they're creating quality stuff and who will know my hair any better? Here's a haul featuring some cool brands but this is the tip of iceberg! x

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shea decadence
Anita grant co wash
Anita grant cafe latte leave in
Boucleme gel
Crown Pride Naturalshttp://shop.britishcurlies.co.uk/crown-pride-condition-style-rich-travel-pack/
Shea butter Cottage leave in
SBC deep conditioning bar
rhassoul clay
Modie hair creme
Big hair beauty DC

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FTC: This video isn't sponsored all my own coin was spent though I was kindly sent a sample of the AG co wash by Antidote Street
*If I've made a mistake on any here i can only apologise, i did my best to research various sources

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