It's time to add some body to our dreadlocks this week using the good ole two-strand twist method.

This takes about 1.5 hours to install and take down.

1. Yourself
2. Your Hair
3. Water (in a spray bottle)
4. Rubber Bands

1. Wet the area of locs you will be working with.
2. Decided how many locs you will have in each twist. (I did two locs per strand, so four locs per twist. You can do more or less depending on how loose or tight you want the curl to be.)
3. Twist the strands (locs) the same direction you retwist your locs. Then twist those strands the opposite direction to keep a defined twist. This will help your hair remain in the twist. (If you want your hair in twists, then you are already done! Continue to Step 4. if you want the twist-out look.)
4. Let your hair dry completely. (I recommend wearing the two-strand twists out for at least three days.)
5. Separate the twists carefully.

1. Make sure to sleep in a satin/silk scarf around your hair or sleep on a satin pillow case. This helps preserve your hair's natural oils and also help retain your curls.
2. Use a little oil on your hands while separating your twists to help moisturize your locs if you haven't been doing that while they were in the twists.
3. It's better for your hair to be very damp than not wet at all. As your hair dries, your locs will take to the curl pattern in the two-strand twists. The longer you keep your locs twisted, the longer they will stay curling afterwards.

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