Carmen and I made a FAQS regarding our permanent hair colors and natural hair. Both of us have professional permanent hair color. We do believe that we are considered "natural" within the natural hair community because neither one of us has experienced a PERMANENT hair texture difference nor is our hair damaged (falling out/ breaking off) from our permanent color. Our goal is to embrace the texture and the versatility of natural hair.


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Hair Color Information/ Vids:
Toni's Red Hair

Hot Red Color on Natural Hair

Deep Conditioning on Color Treated Hair

Whatever by Sir Magnet

The Science of Black Hair by Audrey Davis- Sivasothy, is a great reference for information on black hair care.
Here are some quotes regarding permanent hair color:
"The permanent coloring process involves using HYDROGEN PEROXIDE and/or AMMONIA based products. These ingredients lift the cuticle layers to allow for color deposition. Once the tiny color molecules enter the hair shaft, they clump and join together to become larger molecules that cannot be washed out. This process STRIPS away SOME of the PROTEIN deep within textured hair strands making the hair weaker and more prone to breakage (can be prevented if taken care of properly). PERMANENT COLOR CAN AND OFTEN does LOSE its INTENSITY OVER TIME…"(p. 183).
How Color Affects Textured Tresses
"Coloring black hair always changes the way the HAIR FIBER LOOKS AND FEELS…" Not the permanent texture of the hair as though a relaxer would. "Changes in the FEEL and the TEXTURE of the hair indicate that coloring causes modifications to the SURFACE of the HAIR FIBER. " Permanent color DOES NOT break any of the disulfide or polypeptide linkages/ bonds as though a relaxer would to permanently straighten the hair. "Color treated hair tends to feel drier and coarser than hair that has not been color- treated"(p. 187)