Hey guys!
Lately I have been feeling pretty lazy/annoyed about having to either shave or wax my arms. When I thought about finally trying it out, I figured I would just film it since my last video about removing my sideburns turned out to be helpful. I never got my self to do it before because I figured since I am fairly tan then it would be super noticeable. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! It looks super natural and probably my new favorite thing!

Here are a few things I forgot to mention in the video :
1. Using 5mL of bleach and 10mL of activator was more than enough for both of my arms, after using up all that product, I would say i have enough for 2-3 more applications
2. The scent lingered for about 2 hours after I washed it off (with soap). It was nothing that someone can smell if they are standing next to you.
3. I would say its up to you if you want to use the pre- conditioner. it makes absolutely no difference! unless you have a cut or scratch like I did lol so it will sting when you apply the bleach.

My final Thought:
Definitely recommend this product 100%! It is well worth your $8, especially since you can get up to 3-4 uses out of it. I want to clarify that I do have FINE hair, I just happen to have a lot of it. I have not tested this out on coarse hair unfortunately :/

Want to skip ahead?
1:21 – Reading instructions/mixing the bleach and activator.
3:36 – Close up to my arm (BEFORE)
4:06 – Applying
7:16 – First impression about how it looked
7:23 – Close up to my arm (AFTER)
11:23 – Repeat on left arm
14:50 – Overall thoughts

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xoxo Karina