Hey! This is my first video on this channel and i hope you liked it! If you have any question or requests just let me know in the comments below! The list of products i used are below as well. Don't forget to "like" if you liked and subscribe for updates on more videos!

HEADS UP! **The shea butter i use is actually a mixture that i create myself, so you can't find it in the store! Its a combination of 100% raw shea butter and some other great oils that help seal moisture, nourish, repair, and protect the hair shaft . I can do a DIY on this if you'd like! I included the "as i am double butter cream" as an alternative if you do not have access to raw shea butter orrrr you just don't like doing DIY's haha.**

yummy stuff i used
-spray bottle of water
-carols daughter black vanilla leave in spray
-raw shea butter home made mixture (or as i am double butter cream works just as well!)
-clips & or pony tail holders
-a detangling comb
-a regular pick
-organix moroccan aragon oil
-passion fruit curl control paste (by curls)