How Knowing Your Natural Hair Type Adds to Building A Hair Regimen (4c, 4b 4a hair friendly)

When you think about your hair type do your see 4c hair, 4b hair, or 4a hair. Do yo see type 4? Wait do you know how to tell which hair type you have? Its important to know what you hair type is cause that is an important contributor to a successful hair regimen. Along with other contributors such as porosity, density, elasticity and others hair typing is like the foundation to a building a regimen. Many naturals feel its not important however if I will say if I didn't figure mine out, I would be completely lost and well I wouldn't be Nappyfu.

Its a system that helps to direct you. Hair type systems are good for learning about your hair or what could potentially be best for it, but it's not an absolute standard. Use it as guidance and always go by what you know works best for your hair. I support the hair typing system and knowing what your hair type is. It helps you to relate to other naturals in the community to.

A quick break down:

1 = Straight Hair
2 = Wavy Hair
3 = Curly Hair
A = Curl diameter of sidewalk chalk
B = Curl diameter of a sharpie
C = Curl diameter of a pencil
4 = Kinky Hair
A = Coil diameter of a needle
B = Zigzag or S coil pattern
C = No curl pattern or tight coils like a spring
(source: naturalhairrules)

Alternate Hair Type System

LOIS Hair System
L = If your hair is dominated by right angles and substantially bends with nearly no curve, then you’re considered a pattern “L”.
O = If your hair strand curls or coils significantly and appear to be shaped like the letter “O”, then you’re considered a pattern “O”.
I = If your hair has no distinctive curls or bends and primarily lies flat against your head, then you’re considered a pattern “I”.
S = If your hair strand has “S” shaped curls or waves with defined hills and valleys, then you’re considered a pattern “S”.
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