How to Brush 360 Waves: The Perfect Technique that can help prevent Crooked Wave Patterns. Are your waves coming in out of line? If so, this 360 wave technique may help you combat the problem before its too late! Hit the like button & be sure to subscribe for more videos by me. – 5 Easy 360 Wave Tips For Beginners:

– How to Brush 360 Waves with a 3WP Brush:

Also the Contest Results video will be coming out in a few days so hold tight! there will be 3 winners! Finish watching the video for more info. -360 Waves UP!! and remember Get Waves, Get Paid!

If you're not a beginner, you may intuitively know this technique of brushing that will prevent crooked waves and forks. Despite that, you'll be surprised how many guys commit this mistake while brushing. Word to Exxclusive that's Wave Code! This mistake is like a habit too! so you may not even notice you're doing it. The mistake is Crossing OVER… Watch the video to learn what I mean by crossing over.

– (NEW!) How to get Deep 360 Waves with Nappy Hair:

– Girls Are Players video from my other Channel:

– Can I get waves with this?:

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