How to cut your own hair for men beginners. This video will teach you everything you need to know about cutting your hair for the first time. This is a guide for beginners, so I go into a lot of small details. I also give tips about cutting your hair for 360 waves. Also watch my new video – How To Line UP Your Facial Hair, Beard & Mustache:

– New Explanation How to Cut your own Hair in Less than 15 mins:

– How to Grow a Thick Full Beard:

When finished viewing this this entire video you will have learned:
– Top 3 Brands of Hair clippers that you may look into using.
– How to prepare your hair for a haircut (Waves or No Waves)
– What a Guard is & why you need it to cut your hair.

Overall this is a basic run down for beginners. Towards the end I speak on the benefits of cutting your own hair and I let you know the real deal pertaining to the difference of going to the barber-shop compared to doing it yourself.
Like I say in the video, in the long run you will be better off cutting your hair yourself because you will learn what you like and you'll be able to keep that consistent look.

That being said, cutting your own hair does take energy and time. You will learn to appreciate the service that barbers provide after cutting your own hair because you will learn that they have skills that you don't. You will also appreciate how convenient it is to have someone else cut your hair for you.
In spite of that cutting your own hair is still the way to go. Just watch the last section of the video to find out why.

List of clippers mentioned in the video & where you can get them:

1. Andis Master Clippers: (The ones I use)

2. Andis T Outliners: (Line-up ones i use)

3. Wahl Senior:

4. Wahl 5 Star T Blade Trimmer:

Those are the ones I mentioned in the video. The ones I have are more expensive than the other's listed, but if you are not trying to spend that much the others are really good too!

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