You will be surprised today. Here is my How to get 360 Waves Fast Accelerated Wolfing Method for Beginners and Experts. This method will show you how to lay down your 360 waves, get them almost instantly deeper and more visible, overall this fast wave method will show you how to make your waves pop out so they can be more noticeable. This is a wolfing method but it does work when you have a fresh haircut. Beginners you can do this method once a day to increase your waves on the sides.
-Wash your hair and then condition it.
-Brush for your hair for 15 minutes.
– Put your favorite product in and brush it in.
– Put your du-rag/wave cap on for 20 minutes.
Take it off and be amazed how your 360 waves are completely laid down and defined.
I want you to try this method right now, or when ever you get a chance and then come back here and leave a comment telling me if this helped you or not. I know this method works so I want you to try it right now while you have a chance.

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