How to get Deep 360 Waves with Nappy Hair. This video has been highly requested. There are ways to get your waves deeper, but only to a certain extent. I forgot to let you guys know in the video that The longer you have waves the deeper they will become. I mean the longer you have your waves the deeper they will get until you reach a plateau where they won't get much deeper because your hair texture will not allow for it.
– (NEW!) How to get 360 waves for beginners 2015 Method:

After watching this video you will know:

– Why you can't get waves like Sir Cruse if you have coarse hair.
– How you can make your waves deeper/more visible.
– How curly hair grows vs. How Nappy/Coarse Hair Grows.
– And a few other things that you have to watch the video to learn

– Super Bowl Vlog:

PS: I am planning to do a LIVE questions and answers video!
if you're interested in seeing me do a LIVE Video Stream, let me know in the comments.
360 Waves UP!!! & as always, Get Waves, Get Paid!