This video will show you how I get my haircut at the barbershop for my 360 Waves. It will also help if you are confused on how to get your 360 waves cut. Best Haircut for black men. How To Line UP Your Facial Hair, Beard & Mustache:

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– How to Keep 360 Waves Fresh when Wolfing:

– Last video by Thug Wavy: They Don't Want Ya'll to get 360 Waves:

– Day Method 2.0:

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My Barber Instagram: @itsMatthewSutton ( I messed up in the video and put "Mathew" with one T instead of "Matthew" with two T's.
– 360 Waves Haircut technique:

How to cut your own hair, New Technique:

Line-up clippers I use to shave:
Clippers I use to cut my hair:

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