How To Give yourself a Lineup & Keep your shape up fresh Weeks after a haircut + Shave & Trim your Mustache Straight and Even Every time. This video will show you how to easily give yourself a line up with out pushing your line up back, or making it uneven. This method is like training wheels to get you ready to start lining yourself up without the use of this easy and safe to do tactic. – How To Line UP Your Facial Hair, Beard & Mustache:
– New Explanation How to Cut your own Hair in Less than 15 mins:

– How to Grow a Thick Full Beard:
After doing this method you will have learned:

– How to keep your edge up looking sharp for longer periods.
– How to shave your mustache and make it even.
– You will eventually be able to confidently touch up your own lining with the skill to do it right and nice.

Here are the Liners that I use in the video:

Andis T Outliners: (The Line-up ones)
Andis Master Clippers: (The Hair-cutting ones)

Community college graduation VLOG:

– How to Re-Grow Your Hairline after a Bad Haircut:

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