Natural Hair: Henna on Natural Hair (Stretches Type 4C Hair…Say what?)

Natural Hair: Henna on Natural Hair (Stretches Type 4C Hair…Say what?) So in this video we will see my first encounter with Henna on Type 4C Hair . Henna has been claimed to give hair super moisture, stretch, bounce, shine and strength. Did my hair get all this well ummm some but not all. However, I have a feeling the more I do it the better. Also I think my mix was too simple for the results I was looking for. So this video simply show the process. Enjoy!!!!!

Sooo about Henna….
KinkyKoilyMe States:
Pros, Cons & Other Effects of Henna:
Henna has some undeniable benefits for hair, which is why so many people use it and love it.

Some of these pros include:

Stronger Hair – The lawsone (dye) molecule penetrates the hair shaft, binding with the keratin in the hair. This makes hair stronger, but also is one of the qualities that makes henna removal near impossible. Henna also coats the hair and fills in rough spots on a frayed cuticle. This adds a second layer of strength, but it DOES NOT lock out moisture.

Smoother, Shinier Hair – Henna, as stated above, does coat the hair, but it is a permeable coating that does not lock moisture out. The henna helps fill in rough spots on the cuticle. With the cuticle rough edges smoothed over, the hair feels smoother and the cuticle takes a lot less damage during combing and manipulation. It takes several days for Henna to stabilize. It becomes more flexible and durable as it oxidizes and cures–it is in fact a plant resin that is flexible and solvent enough to penetrate the hair at the cuticle, carrying pigment with it.

Non-Fading Red – Anyone that has used red chemicals dyes knows how badly they fade. Henna may fade a little after the first application, but after the second application fades very little.

The Absence of Chemicals – Chemical dyes are not only VERY damaging to hair, they can also cause scalp burns, allergic reactions, and recently studies have linked long term use to cancer.

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Products used: Henna, lukewarm water, and conditioner.

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