EASY!!! I will show you how to get this QUICK, EASY, AND PAINLESS PUFF!!!

I usually do a PUFF on an old twist-out to get more wear out of my hair before washing. Below, I list the steps I take to achieve my puff:

– Pick out your hair to the MAX [embrace the frizz, but keep some definition]
– Spritz your perimeter with water [just a little water]
– Moisturize perimeter with your favorite moisturizer and also put a little bit on the ends of your hair
– Apply your gel of choice to your perimeter [make sure to rub in well enough to prevent flaking]
– Brush and smooth your perimeter [FYI, I use a soft-bristle brush – NO HARM TO YOUR EDGES]
– Take your hairband/headband/hairtie and CUT IT!!!!
– Wrap hairband around head, starting from bottom
– Tie and tighten to your liking
– Take a bobby pin to hold the tie you made
– Push hairband upward in the back and on the sides to form your PUFF
– Bobby pin the two ends of the hairband to the back
– Fluff & Pick your hair
– Slick down your edges
– You are ALL DONE! ;0)


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Music Credit: Bob Marley – Is This Love (Soke Remix)