Using the same technique as I did on my previous video to make a bob.

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Ion Semi Permanent Hair Creme Dye in Magenta from Sally's Beauty Supply!

My boyfriend and I have started a long-distance channel where we are vlogging together / to each other whilst away at separate colleges. Watch us be silly:

Welcome back guys.. Today I'm going to show you guys what I think about this product.

If you live in HK, you can get this for $68 at CitySuper, Times Square. That is the only place I've seen that sells this.

If you live in Manila, you can get his for I think Php 500 or somewhere around that price. Its available at Landmark North Edsa

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Disclaimer: I bought the product(s) featured in the video.

Hey guys!
Lately I have been feeling pretty lazy/annoyed about having to either shave or wax my arms. When I thought about finally trying it out, I figured I would just film it since my last video about removing my sideburns turned out to be helpful. I never got my self to do it before because I figured since I am fairly tan then it would be super noticeable. I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! It looks super natural and probably my new favorite thing!

Here are a few things I forgot to mention in the video :
1. Using 5mL of bleach and 10mL of activator was more than enough for both of my arms, after using up all that product, I would say i have enough for 2-3 more applications
2. The scent lingered for about 2 hours after I washed it off (with soap). It was nothing that someone can smell if they are standing next to you.
3. I would say its up to you if you want to use the pre- conditioner. it makes absolutely no difference! unless you have a cut or scratch like I did lol so it will sting when you apply the bleach.

My final Thought:
Definitely recommend this product 100%! It is well worth your $8, especially since you can get up to 3-4 uses out of it. I want to clarify that I do have FINE hair, I just happen to have a lot of it. I have not tested this out on coarse hair unfortunately :/

Want to skip ahead?
1:21 – Reading instructions/mixing the bleach and activator.
3:36 – Close up to my arm (BEFORE)
4:06 – Applying
7:16 – First impression about how it looked
7:23 – Close up to my arm (AFTER)
11:23 – Repeat on left arm
14:50 – Overall thoughts

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xoxo Karina

This video was uploaded SPECIFICALLY to show you guys what I did wrong in my bleaching process. I had intended on showing you guys the steps I take to bleach my hair and color it, but with my lack of knowledge lead to this video. I hope you all enjoy and find this video useful in some way.

** DISCLAIMER** I am in no way shape or form a professional hairstylist or cosmetologist. I have bleached my hair in the past with no issues, but apparently my hair has gotten tired of my experimenting on it and these are my results! lol!! PLEASE just learn from ALL mistakes and take note on WHAT NOT TO DO!!

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