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Following products are good unless otherwise stated:
-Natures Gate Tea Tree Calming Shampoo-good for tingling scalp but dries hair
-Crème of Nature: Lemongrass & Rosemary Leave in Conditioner, Chammolie & Comfrey Conditioner
-Mizani Fulfyl
-Doo Grow Leave-in Grow Treatment
-Lusters Pink Protectant-just for shine
-Shine Hair Polisher
-Avalon Organics Rosemary Conditioner-doesnt really make hair soft like most conditioners
-Glycerin Daily Moisturizing Spray:
4 0z water, 3 oz vegetable glycerin, 2 dime sizes of Aloe Vera Gel by Lily of the Dessert, 15 drops of essential oils ( I chose 5 drops of African Glory Hair Oil, 5 drops of Peppermint oil, 5 drops of Rosemary oil)
-IC Heat Protectant
-Aphogee treatment and moisturizer
-Shine Hair Mousse
-tcb lite conditioner (used as a gel for edges)

***See Part 2 for comments on all these products***

Natural Hair | $10 Kinky Hair Clip Ins (watch in HD)

Cuban Twist Hair can be purchased at your local BSS but if you want to buy it online:

Wig Clips, Hair Needle, and thread can also be purchased at your local BSS and a very cheap
You do NOT have to put product on your Marley/cuban Hair I'm just extra.

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Hey Ladies!

2017 Update: I wash my hair at least once every 3 weeks. My regimen (which isn't really a regimen) has changed since the filming of this video:

1. I no longer do hot oil treatments. I detangle my hair in sections with a spray bottle that contains water, conditoner and some oil. I saturate my hair with enough of the mixture so that I can detangle easily with a wide tooth comb. After its all detangled, I keep the twists in and head to the shower!
2. I still wash my hair in sections…about 6 or 7.
3. I shampoo twice making sure to focus on cleaning the scalp very well
4. I try to deep condition during every wash and when I do I cover my hair with a hot wash cloth, wrap with plastic and cover with a towel to trap the heat. I leave that on for about 15 mins then rinse.
5. I style my hair in many different ways…I haven't styled my hair in two strand twists in forever. I will sometimes blowdry my hair to stretch it and style in big twists to wear a twist out.

I hope these tips are helpful to you!

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