Hey! This is my first video on this channel and i hope you liked it! If you have any question or requests just let me know in the comments below! The list of products i used are below as well. Don't forget to "like" if you liked and subscribe for updates on more videos!

HEADS UP! **The shea butter i use is actually a mixture that i create myself, so you can't find it in the store! Its a combination of 100% raw shea butter and some other great oils that help seal moisture, nourish, repair, and protect the hair shaft . I can do a DIY on this if you'd like! I included the "as i am double butter cream" as an alternative if you do not have access to raw shea butter orrrr you just don't like doing DIY's haha.**

yummy stuff i used
-spray bottle of water
-carols daughter black vanilla leave in spray
-raw shea butter home made mixture (or as i am double butter cream works just as well!)
-clips & or pony tail holders
-a detangling comb
-a regular pick
-organix moroccan aragon oil
-passion fruit curl control paste (by curls)

Today I'm bringing y'all a video I just know will be CRAZY beneficial to a lot of naturals out their.. how to detangle your dry, matted natural hair!! Especially after them protective styles we be leaving in for a week+ and since the season we're now residing in is Winter… we gotta be on our P's & Q's when it comes to taking care of our hair! And trust me, I understand the struggles of maintaining healthy, natural hair which is why I'm bringing you guys this super easy method that gets my hair back right every time! Really hope this video is helpful for a few of you guys and thanks in advance for al the love & support! AND IF YOU AREN'T ALREADY, BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE!!!