Is 360 Waves The Best Hairstyle for Black Men in 2017 Now? Should we rock the curly top with the taper or should we go with the clean and sleek look of 360 Waves? Do girls like 360 Waves better than the curly top? Those are the topics that we will be discussing in today's Live Stream!

How to get Deep 360 Waves Fast For Beginners with coarse African Hair. If you have what some people call nappy hair and find it hard to get waves, this video will help you big time. We discuss the best length to get your haircut, how long you should wolf for and much more. – Watch My Last video to get waves in your Crown Area:
– 360 Waves For Beginners! Morning Method 3.0:

– 360 Wave Haircut Tips:

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How to get 360 Waves in one Month with Nappy Hair or for beginners with coarse hair who wavy wavy hair that shines. 360WaveProcess-Rashaad shows how he got his 360 waves back after scalping no more than one month ago. 360 Waves Journey Waves back on swim in Week 4.- How to get 360 Wave Connections Fast 2017:

Here is my Braces Experience/UPDATE Video:

– Pure African shea butter:
– The Conair brush:
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