Today in the Living Room, I will be showing you how I retwist my "Two Strand Twist" starter locs. This loc routine is done every two weeks at the moment until I have completed my 90 Days Hair Growth Challenge and once that's over I will be going back to wasing my hair monthly, as I d o not want to continue washing so often as that also mean I would need to retwist that often, which is not necessarily the best thing or my edges.

You can expect to see me utilise my Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil collection, as the shampoo is a clarifying shampoo which should be used once a month to give your hair the optimal clean. After this, I walk you through my usual routine from moisturising my hair to retwisting.

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Youtube Loc inspirations
*Damian Walter
*Jungle Barbie
*NaturalBeauty0214 (Yess I inspired myself through my husbands dreadloc journey)

I deleted my explanation of why I redid my starter locs by accident. Basically I did not like the size of my boxes. I want small dreads and they were going to be medium sized locs. I show how to do the comb twist method on natural hair and explain afterwards.

Its a shame I had to use all of these products to get the results that I wanted. I now use all natural products and find them to work just as good!

Products that I used:Lotta Body
Eco Styler gel
Organics olive oil: twist and loc gel
Edge control

The rest of my journey I am using strictly natural products, but I didn't have any at the time to make a batch of loc butter

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