To All Our Customers

First, we’d like to thank you for your business and your support! It means a lot to us that you’ve chosen to buy and support the best durag brand in the world.
As many of you know, we have been experiencing some delays and your concerns about that are valuable feedback for us. That’s due in part to a few factors; increased demand, shipping delays due to the unprecedented three snowstorms we had last month in the North East and us having to invest valuable time and resources to weed out fraudulent orders, persons trying to open black market accounts, unauthorized purchases and the like. We insist however, on being accountable to you and so, we’re doing a lot behind the scenes to deal with that.

That said, we can get better.

We’re moving as quickly as we can to ensure your satisfaction with both our product and our service. Since inventing the durag 35 years ago, we handmake every durag we’ve ever sold and we refuse to mass produce our silkys so we’ve added to our production team so we can grade, smooth, cut, sew and package faster. We’re changing our delivery system to ensure that tracking numbers are sent faster and can be followed up easier; all this while making sure we don’t increase pricing. We’re also beefing up our Customer Support so we can efficiently and accurately expedite any concerns. These changes will allow us to make sure your purchase experience is a satisfactory one.

While all major companies experience some sort of issue, we’re committed to fixing what needs to be fixed and improving what needs to be improved. We’ve been here for 40+ years so rest assured, we aren’t going anywhere and we’ll make sure we deliver the highest standard of excellence to you. You don’t expect anything less from us, you keep us accountable and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

So we ask for your patience a little bit longer. All new systems should be in place shortly and we will get all delayed as well as new orders out. Thanks again for your support and let’s keep on keepin’ it silky!