Hair... Women have always had a specific and unique relationship with their hair. For women of color, hair has been everything from a symbol of ethnic pride to a very visual statement of beauty and style, making hair one of the most personal and powerful statements of a woman's self-expression.

For William Dowdy, a self-taught stylist born in Philadelphia in 1939, hair, its styling, care and maintenance was his gift and coupled with an entrepreneurial spirit became his life's calling, turning this humble pioneer into an icon and the brands he created into hair care success stories and enduring consumer favorites in the hair care industry. Today, RAZAC has become an internationally known brand, expanding to include hair care products for men, a line of professionally acclaimed natural hair maintenance/grooming products and a hand and body lotion whose very scent is probably more universally known than any other lotion in history. In fact, Perfect For Perms, a range of products designed to treat, restore, maintain and groom chemically treated hair has been on the market for better than twenty years, becoming almost synonymous with the ethnic hair care industry while being the 'go to' brand, trusted by generations of women both in North America and overseas.

In a global landscape dominated by billion dollar hair care brands and more recently, those who've shouldered their way via acquisition into the ethnic hair care/beauty category, RAZAC has continued to implement its family owned and managed 'strategy' while remaining independent. This 'strategy' has been a core part of the business, allowing the people whose very name continues the founder's legacy to chart and direct the course of the company's growth and that growth has been dynamic! Relying on a core balance between innovation and corporate social responsibility, the company is both market leader and neighborhood citizen, delivering world class products the world over from a factory and offices rooted in the fabric of Newark, NJ, providing both jobs and corporate support for a variety of philanthropic causes.

Today, RAZAC continues to underscore its legacy as an innovative pioneer. Its thirty year history remains the heart of the company's values while simultaneously becoming modernized for a business which today, is as much online as it is brick and mortar. As consumers evolve in their tastes and likes, RAZAC remains trusted and sought after; a testament to a company completely in sync with the hair and beauty needs of women.


At Razac, our commitment is always to you, our customer, to provide you with the unparalleled care advance in hair care. We do this by using the finest ingredients we can, creating our products as carefully as we can, always remaining cruelty free. Our system encourages the stylist to be a stylist, expressing themselves through creation. Our diverse assortment of quality hair care products allow that freedom by keeping hair healthy, vital, and alive. So enhance your skills with the richness of Razac styling tools; without them, your expressions cannot become a reality.