Look in this video I explain a lot of things like Tips on how to cut your own hair with Andis Improved Master hair Clippers. How to Line up your hairline, edge up, with Andis T outliners. If you want to skip the haircut tips & go straight to the waves go 3:50 seconds into the vid. You will learn how to start cutting your own hair so that you can get deep 360 waves.
What you will Learn about Waves on the Side in this video:

– How long it take to get waves on the side
– The reason why 1 Side gets better waves than the other.
– How to Fix your Weak Side
How to cut your own hair, New Technique:
Andis outliner II (2) Are not as good as the T outliners. The T's get you a crispier hairline and a straighter line up.

– You can get the Andis T-Outiners here:

– (NEW!) How to get 360 waves for beginners 2015 Method:
– How to get Deep 360 Waves with Nappy Hair:

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