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When I need my hair to be stretched for a particular style (like flat twists, bantu knots, or dry twist outs), I don't always want to band it or use the blow dryer. This is when I turn to roller setting.

Since the objective is to get my hair straight (but not too straight), I can get away with using bigger rollers. I use leave-in conditioner as my "styler" since I'm not interested in having my curls be "set". The leave-in conditioner keeps my hair soft.

Roller setting natural hair is a great way to stretch natural hair, without using a blow dryer. Roller setting allows you to get your natural hair nice and smooth, making it a breeze to try out different natural hair styles. A key element in a natural hair care regimen is to ensure you don't use too much heat. Roller setting your natural hair allows you to avoid the damage of direct heat from blow dryers, while still getting your hair straight.