How to get 360 waves for beginners with Nappy hair or coarse hair Part 2. This video will help you to get waves faster by informing you on how to correct small mistakes. Waver Hair Tips #2 Submit your wave picture and question for your chance to be in a 3WP Hair Tips video. Buy a 360WaveProcess Gold Edition or Blue Edition wave Brush here:

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How to get 360 Waves Fast My Daily Process Haircut Wolfing Method! This can be done in the morning, day, or night. All you need is a brush, durag, and hair product. I show you how to brush 360 waves and how I put curl enhancing smoothie in my hair to get deep waves. This process and it can be done while wolfing, or with a fresh haircut. Here it is in only 5 easy steps. The 360 Wave Process from Beginning to end.
Step1: Quick Brush session
Step2: Shampoo and conditioner
– Watch whole video to see final three steps.
– How to Brush 360 Waves with a 3WP Brush:

– How to get 360 Wave Connections Fast 2017:

– Moved into dorms vlog:

Hair Products I used:
– Curl enhancing smoothie:
– African Shea Butter:

Shampoo and conditoner I used:
– Curl and Shine Shampoo:
– Argan oil Conditioner:
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Line-up clippers I use to shave:
Clippers I use to cut my hair:

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