My 1st ever install of extensions and I think they came out great and look authentic
I've gotten many compliments on my "locs" and people think they are real and all my hair and the more you practice the better they look.

You can use anywhere from 2-5 packs depending on the brand of hair,thickness of your hair and extensions, and your desired look.

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Coconut Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
DIY Protein Treatment: 2 Eggs & EVOO
Shea Moisture Curl & Style Milk
Kinky Curly Knot Today
Castor Oil
→panda // vanjess (jael remix)
→kawaii magic // jallo & kappa kavi
→wus good/curious // partynextdoor (common interest remix)
outro – wu-tang forever // drake (instrumental)
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I did faux locs over my natural locs using mojito twist braid by model model in a color 1b when comparing this hair too cuban twist for double strand style I would say that they're exactly the same with the exception that this hair is just a little softer so I would recommend either of the two when doing this style I hope you enjoy until next time bye
Pinky Hayzee ?

so remember that one time I tried marley twists on my locs and it was a bit of a fail but not completely cause I still rocked em? well this time I think DXLYN got me right. I used this tutorial to help me . i said this in the video but I really wish I would have soaked this hair in water first. Love y'all. ill hollaaaa. Oh yeah, forgot to mention that I washed and conditioned my hair the day before.

donnie trumpet-slip slide
warren Xcince & Philippe Edison-sentiment (uplugged)

This video is a tutorial of how to achieve a romantic look I styled when attending a wedding recently. Although I am styling with Havana twists in this video, please note that this style can also be achieved with braids or locs.

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