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My very first video of my loc journey. I talk about why I decided to loc, what I feel about loose natural hair, palm roll vs interlocking, showing my parting, etc. Two strand twists were installed April 5, 2013 and took 9 hours.

Sorry for the terrible quality of the first few pictures, the cameras on our phones were definitely not iPhone quality at that time. However, I hope you enjoy the video(:

After years of relaxers, coloring, and straightening my hair daily, my hair was in it's worse state by 2009. In 2012 I decided to do my first big chop and I have been nurturing my natural hair back to health ever since. My goal length is waist length. I am currently at BSL (bra strap length).

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This is a short video on a few different ways I style my wash and go between wash days. All the styles you see here are really simple because I like to keep it simple with my hair.


This is a 3 day old Wash and Go

Product Used For This Wash and Go (EcoStyler – Olive Oil)

I am currently on the Curly Girl Method

I am currently restyling my hair every 3 days (co-washing on the 3rd day)

Current Wash and Go Routine:


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My big chop was April 2013 (I transitioned for 11 months)
I am black
I live in Alabama

Super cute, quick and fun hairstyle. I love this hairstyle!

*** I washed my hair two days before filming this video, there is also curl enhancing smoothie in my hair***

Guys, let me know if this music is annoying… lol I was a little iffy about it.

Spray Bottle with Water
100% Olive Oil
Ampro Styling gel
Ecostyler gel
Soft brush
tooth brush

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How long have you been natural?
-I cut my hair 12 months ago.
How do you get the curls?
-My curls are my natural hair texture and my hair styles are always a wash n go
What is your hair texture?
-I think its a 3B 3C texture
What products do you use?
-Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Eco Styler Gel, Water, Microwaved Coconut Oil, Olive Oil edge control

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Camera – Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Editing – Final Cut Pro

Happy New Years!!!!! On fbk and ig many of you left natural hair methods and trends to mk sure we ditch cause you felt was it team too much! Must we have 3 inches of edges laid and cemented to our forehead? Must lace wig be your form of identity? Must 4c hair chicks use a entire work shift to do a wash n go? Can we start seeing as all hair types and textures being equally beautiful? Is it even possible not use a whole day on wash day? Rinse out conditioners is to be rinsed out right? Check out the roasting of these trends and methods. This is all in fun and I hope you finish this video off in complete laughter! Go ahead and leave your comments on trends u want to add.Thanks for rocking with me!

God Bless

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3 Mistakes We Make on Wash Day:
African Threading Twist Out:
Best Way to Deep Condition:
Best Way To Pre-poo:
Type 4 Can Not Wash and Go:
Henna Stretching Type 4 Hair:
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4c Hair Tips:
Easy Twist and Curl:
Nigerian and Natural Tag:

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