❈I show how I trim, retwist, and style my locs in two strand twists! SUPER EASY! For the best quality, please watch in HD 1080p. —open me up for details—


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Hey my loves! I am here with another loc style video, and here I show you how I do my two strand twist! I absolutely love doing them. Be sure to stay tuned for the exciting news that is yet to come! One video at a time, hehe.

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F A Q' S

❈How long have you had locs?
4 years, my loc anniversary is on January 2 of every year.

❈What method did you use?
Comb Coils

❈What do you use to wash your locs? How often?
Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap, and I wash every 2 weeks+

❈Are your locs fake?
No. It is 100% my own hair that grew from my scalp

❈How often do you retwist? What do you use?
Every month or longer, and I use Eco Style Gel (Olive or Argan oil) and sometimes
with just water and natural oils in a spray bottle

❈How many locs do you have?
I have around 70 locs, I have combined several over the years. Planning on doing a video of counting my locs soon.

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Lorine Chia – Feeling Groovy

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In this video I share what I know about Porosity and more importantly Low Porosity. I have low & Medium Porosity hair and have seen the benefits of knowing my hair level and how to care for my low porosity hair….

Hair was washed with new line of Shea Moisture Low Porosity hair line… Review to come!

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This is my GO TO rod set that I've been doing for over 2 years…hope my tips help, just be patient and persistent and you'll get it

products used:

Peach perm rods
End papers
Aussie Moist conditioner
Giovanni Direct leave in
Jane Carter Twisting Foam
Shea butter or your favorite oil.

Optional First Step: My BEST Pre-Poo Routine For Natural Hair
My African Black Soap Shampoo
My Hair + Body Oil

My simple natural hair wash day routine! This is the most moisturized, soft, and healthy my natural hair has ever felt. I hope you enjoy this routine! XO! Nap

Need something quick? My 25 Minute CoWash Routine

— Why Do I Rinse The Oil Out? —
A popular question I get! I love using oils on my hair, but don't like the greasiness it can sometimes cause. Rinsing a bit of the oil out after application, helps rid my hair of the greasy residue, leaving my hair super soft and moisturized. Just like when you're cooking and get olive oil on your hands. If you rinse the olive oil off, your hands are no longer greasy, but feel super soft instead! *I only do this on stretched styles. For Wash&Go styles, the additional oils are necessary, but will show in another video.

— What Happened to Water Only Washing? —
Another question I envision getting! I discussed why I stopped the "water only washing" experiment in one of my older videos a few months after I stopped. It was around the time I was going through health issues, and I mentioned that the sebum in my scalp had slowed down production and my scalp and hair were becoming extremely dry. So at that point, I had to stop w.o.w. and go back to using products! My scalp is back to normal now, but I'm not in the mood to do any more experimentations! :)))

— Store-Bought Products Used —
Giovanni 5050 Calming Conditioner-3 pack
SheaMoisture High Porosity Masque
100 Plastic Caps
Thermal Hot Head Heat Cap
Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Juice
The Mane Choice 3 in 1 Conditioner

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