Want Instant 360 Waves? This time I brought my cousin Jeff to speak with you guys about going from an Afro to 360 waves. 360 Jeff came straight from work just to talk to those of you who also have Puffy Afros and have been thinking about making that switch to slick waves then here is some motivation. – 360Jeff is thinking about cutting his Perfect Afro & making the switch to waves. Watch the fro almost get cut off here:

Let us know in the comments if you would like to see the Afro Cut off because 360Jeff said it's not worth cutting it off if no body cares.

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Amazing self barber!..How to cut your own hair. How to line/ edge up your own hair for black men. 360 WAVES WITH HIGH TOP FADE INSTAGRAM:

Crypto is the future:

360 Waves High Top How to Cut, Taper / Fade, Line Up Your Own Hair. BLACK MEN HAIRSTYLES 2014

How to cut your own hair. Self Barbering tutorial. These are step by step instructions on how to cut your own hair successfully.

Try out the 360 Waves High Top. This is an awesome style!

Shout out to The Passion HiFi for the beats.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

If you have any questions, throw them by me.