In this video, I washed my locs for the first time and used a stocking cap to prevent my locs from unraveling. [I really didn't feel like waiting another month, so I took matters into my own hands.] I started my locs with two-strand twists after transitioning for 7 months. My hair is now 9 months post-relaxer.
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Peace! I start off this video with giving a brief update on my hair.This is my first time doing a re-twist, since I started my Locs precisely 1 month ago! In this video, I show you how you can wash Starter Locs with minimal disruption to your Locs!

I used an all NATURAL shampoo by Pura D'or:

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All Music featured in the video is produced by me and is available at my soundclound profile:

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All Music featured in the video is produced by me and is available at my soundclound profile:

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My very first video of my loc journey. I talk about why I decided to loc, what I feel about loose natural hair, palm roll vs interlocking, showing my parting, etc. Two strand twists were installed April 5, 2013 and took 9 hours.

In this video I talk about maintaining my dreadlocks – what I do to keep my hair happy. I go through some of the everyday things that affect my dreadlocks, which may not even occur to many to be thought of as a maintenance and how I try to tweak some of them to best benefit the locking up of my hair.

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