Using the same technique as I did on my previous video to make a bob.

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List of winter products:

Mayo Organics
Chosterol plus deep conditioner
Tresemme Moisture conditioner
SheaRenea Healing Formula
SheaRenea Grapefruit Hair Creme
Carol Daughter Hair Milk
EVO & Coconut Oil
SheaMoisture Shampoo
Vitafusion Vitamins
One Source Vitamins- hair nails & skin

Make natural hairgel using flaxseeds, water and essential oils(optional). This is super easy and very effective.

2 TBS whole flaxseeds
1 Cup water

If you are looking for a place to get flaxseeds you can find them for a great price here:

These are my favorite essential oils:

And this is my favorite tea tree oil:

If you want to forgo making your own I did find this hair gel that is 100% natural and has no parabens, surfactants, fragrances or dangerous ingredients: