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This is a tutorial of The Dominican Blowout done on Transitioning hair. In the video I say all natural hair but she's actually growing out her relaxer so you will notice she still has straight hair at the bottom of her hair. It also includes pictures of my clients hair when she first started coming to me. Her hair has grown alot and. You will see. That she still has relaxer on the ends of her hair. This is all her hair no weave or hair extensions of any kind were used.

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For all the ladies with afro-textured (kinky) hair that felt some type of way when they went natural and realized it's a whoooolllleee 'nother ball game! lol … Ever felt like your hair was ugly? or your type of hair has to be relaxed? This is for you!

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Here's my wash routine that's gear towards long hair growth! Your hair is sure to grow when you take great care of it anyway but this routine in particular focuses on hair growth stimulation! If you want to use this routine weekly you can

PS This works for 4c,4b,4a,3c,3b,3a and even type 2 hair!






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Healthy living is Beautiful! Be healthy!

Hey you guys. So I felt like it would be good to do an updated video on what I do to take care of my hair so that it grows long and healthy, since a few things have changed in my regimen. I hope these tips help you. Keep reading below because I've linked a bunch of videos that my be helpful. XoXo.


1. Curly Hair Video

2. Wash Day Routine

3. Natural Hair Q+A

4. Fav Deep Conditioners Part I & II

5. Fav Moisturizers

6. Fav Shampoos

7. Single Strand Knots

8. My Natural Hair Journey

9. How to Retain Your Length

10. Maintain Your Styles



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DIY : This Homemade Hair Oil/home remedy is 100% Natural Hair Loss Treatment helps to promote extreme Hair Growth, patchy hair loss, hair regrowth, cure Hair Baldness(गंजापन), Treats scalp inflammation and removes dandruff, Itchy scalp, cure Alopecia Areata, Controls Hair Fall and Hair loss and . Homemade Ginger Hair Oil very beneficial for our Hair growth, this Hair Oil makes our hair Healthy, Thick hair, long hair, Strong hair, Smooth hair and Remove all Hair Problems.

In this video I have provided information on
How to grow long Hair Fast
What is Hair Baldness(गंजापन)
100% Natural Hair Loss Treatment
How Hair Baldness(गंजापन) happens/Alopecia Areata
Cure Baldness
Remove Dandruff
Thin Hair
Promote Hair regrowth
What are different type of Hair Baldness(गंजापन)/alopecia
Who can have Hair Baldness(गंजापन)/alopecia
How to cure alopecia / Hair Baldness(गंजापन) for male and female
Home Remedy For Baldness
Male pattern baldness
Female pattern baldness
How to cure hair fall
How to grow natural long black hair
How to get silky hair
How to get smooth hair
How to get thick hair
How to stop hair loss
How to prevent hair loss
How to grow long hair fast
How to get straight hair
How to growing healthy hair
How to cure itchy scalp
How to remove dandruff
How to cure dry scalp
Ayurvedic hair care
Organic hair care
How to make hair regrowth oil at home
Homemade hair growth oil
Homemade hair oil for natural hair
Hair growth tips for women
Hair growth tips for male
Homemade hair oil

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For Natural Hair Coloring With HENNA HAIR PACK

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In this video I am discussing a few things that helped me grow my hair and retain length..
Hopefully you find the information helpful..

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I have natural or chemical free hair..
I have fine, medium density hair with multiple hair types but majority of it is 4a..
My last relaxer: July 2009
My big chop: November 2009

I hate the whole hair typing system and don't pay much attention to it.. I use whatever product I want based on how my hair reacts to it.

In this video, my hair is in an old braid out.. I did my braids on freshly washed hair, let it air dry until it was 85-90% dry, and used the argan oil eco styler gel along with sweet almond oil to do my braids. I wore the braids to bed, tying it down with a satin scarf. The next morning I just unraveled them.

Braid Out Maintenance:
Mist hair with water and use sweet almond oil or extra virgin olive oil to re-braid.

How I Moisturize My Hair:

My Products Video:

Playlist for Different Hairstyles:

I will make another video discussing how often to wash your hair.. I purposely did not discuss that topic in this video..

Eyeshadow Info:
Goldilux by sugarpill cosmetics

How I Grew My Hair | Length Retention