I've been loving the natural look recently and these products really do the job of giving you a hair style without looking over done!

As it's summer my hair tend to gets quite heavy and flat which is never a good look! Using the sprays and creams have really helped fight the frizz to give me a managable but maintained hairstyle!

* PS I cut my lip literally minutes before filming hence the odd dark patch on my bottom lip*

Products Mentioned:

– Khiels Hair Creme

– VO5 Wax Pot

– Bumble and Bumble BB Thickening Spray

– Aveda Shampure Shampoo

– John Frieda Beach Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner

– Living Proof Instant Texture Mist

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Here are my Natural Hair Products I use for Fine Natural 4A Hair.
I hope this helps someone out there. I was going to post pics of my hair straightened but I'm not showing you that mess. Just know the struggle is real.

Thank you for watching 🙂


BTW straightened hair pic are on my

Products Mentioned:

Detangling Comb (I think this is the same one):

Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush:
50% Off Coupon Code: Scalp2RH

(giveaway winner announced soon!)

Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm:

Alterna Root Scalp Stimulator:

Kareco Styling Brush:

Garnier Fructis Fall Fight Conditioner:

Kinky Curly Knot Today:

Aloe Vera Gel:

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In this video men's style, fitness, grooming and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of , and , talks about how to find the best hair product for your desired hair style. all hair products where not created equal and knowing how to find the best men's hair styling product for the hairstyle you are going for is critical. This video shows you different men's hair styles and the products used to obtain the best men's hairstyle. Hair product selection isn't hard if you know what you are looking for and what the different terms represent.

Unless you shave your head or let your hair flow fancy-free, you are using a hair product to get the desired hair style result. The problem is selecting the right one out of the zillion available. Aaron Marino of alpha m. helps you find the right product for your hair style.

Sometimes it comes down to trial by style. It either performs like a rock star or you toss it and try another. Sometimes you become overwhelmed. But don't be because there are only two variables to consider!

Hair Product Variables | Technical Aspects
1. Hold – high, medium, and low. So if you need to lock your hair (set and forget), go for high hold. But if you want your hair to bounce, go with a medium to low hold.

2. Shine – high (wet) or natural (matte).

Hair Styling Product Options with Corresponding Hair Styles

1. Gel – super high hold and shine. It's the 'lock locking' option with shine which is great for spiky and slick styles that are stiff. It's water-soluble but has a high alcohol content. It dries out your hair.
2. Putty / fiber – high hold and low shine. They are stiff but not as stiff as gel. It's not quite as 'crunchy as gel'. It's a more natural look with a matte finish.
3. Wax – high hold with low shine. It's an oil based product, which is a downside. Alpha hates waxes; they hold the style but you can't get it out of your hair and it builds up. It sticks because it's oil based.
4. Pomade – medium to low hold (depending on brand) with high shine. They are great for short to medium length hair styles and great for slicking 50s and 60s styles.
5. Paste – medium hold and medium shine for guys with medium to long hair.
6. Mud / clay – hold is all over the board (gritty texture to lighter control) with low shine. It's great for adding thickness, texture, and dimension to your hair.
7. Cream / leave in conditioners – great for long, flyaway, and frizzy hair for more polished and professional hair.
8. Hair spray – it's the wild card. It has as many variables as hair styling products as a whole. When you spray, cover your forehead so you can avoid break-outs.

Still not sure what to use? Shoot an email to hairhelp@peteandpedro.com for a bueno hair recommendation. Send a picture of your current hair style as well as mention what hair product you're currently using.
But remember that regardless of the product you use, you have to play around with it and learn how to use the product. You gotta work it. There is finesse and a learning curve. Play with it and try it in different hair styling situations: dry, damp, hit it with a hair dryer… sometimes it comes down to trial by style.