In this video I share my 10 tips on how I transitioned from heat & color damaged hair to long, thick and HEALTHY hair. Don't forget to subscribe 🙂
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My hair was still curly (while it was relaxed), because 1. I wouldn't leave them on for long 2. I never overlapped my relaxers 3. I would get them about every 6 months. Even though it was long (and slightly curly) it was unhealthy and the longest that it was able to get was bra strap length. My relaxed hair pictures go in chronological (as best as I could), from 2006 to 2009 right before I relaxed. My present hair pictures range from 2014-2015/

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Hey everyone, I am finally back for more natural hair tips! It has been almost two years since I first made the decision to start treating my curly hair more carefully and one year since I finally decided to go completely heat free and transition to natural hair from heat-damaged, previously relaxed hair.

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