I love to do this mask when my curls are undefined, frizzy and limp.

Bragg Usda Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar


Lakey Inspired – Alone

Outro Artwork: @tycheriee

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Camera – Sony A5100
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This is not a sponsored video.

A lot of these styles are instagram/pinterest inspired. I love all of them except for the two ponytails with the rubber band, thats like straight 3 year old to me. but its easy lol.

social media stay lit.
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Outro Artwork: @tycheriee

Camera – Canon EOS Rebel T5
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Buddha by Kontekst
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This is a not a sponsored video.

Super cute, quick and fun hairstyle. I love this hairstyle!

*** I washed my hair two days before filming this video, there is also curl enhancing smoothie in my hair***

Guys, let me know if this music is annoying… lol I was a little iffy about it.

Spray Bottle with Water
100% Olive Oil
Ampro Styling gel
Ecostyler gel
Soft brush
tooth brush

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How long have you been natural?
-I cut my hair 12 months ago.
How do you get the curls?
-My curls are my natural hair texture and my hair styles are always a wash n go
What is your hair texture?
-I think its a 3B 3C texture
What products do you use?
-Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie, Eco Styler Gel, Water, Microwaved Coconut Oil, Olive Oil edge control

Business Inquries: Jaemajette@gmail.com

Camera – Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Editing – Final Cut Pro

i guess my hair isn't meant to be straight y'all. I'm so thru. ima just wait till i get back to the states and go get it professionally trimmed and straightened cause i do NOT know what I'm doing lol.

at least y'all got a mini length check out of it. lol