Hi I’m Ashley Lynn, I’m a 3c-4a Natural Hair Vlogger and this is my post on 3c-4A Natural Hair because I love providing style tips for 3C-4A Natural Hair because I have 3C-4A Natural Hair.

Review & DEMO on creme of nature argan oil for natural hair flexible styling snot & gorilla snot gel.

For this weeks video I am showcasing BATTLE of the SNOTS! If you are a oldie you guys know I love Gorilla Snot Gel. Now one of my fav brands creme of nature came out with a snot product & I almost died when I saw this product on IG. So let's see how they both did!

Products mentioned:
Gorilla snot gel
Creme of Nature Argan Oil Flexible styling Snot

Bahamas Music Collab: Wendi Lewis

Song: "Een Missing it" Insturmental

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Disclaimer; This video is not sponsored, these opinions are my own. I bought this product with my own money.

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Where are you from?

British Virgin Islands

How long have you been Natural?


What is your hair type?

Multi-textured, mixture of 3's and 4's

What is your race?

Black, West Indian(Caribbean)


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DISCLAIMER! NATURAL HAIR MISTAKE, you're supposed to shampoo your hair FIRST then condition. I'll probably post an updated video on that but this would be my full usual routine but instead shampooing first, sorry guys, hope you liked the video anyway x

Hair products: (You can get these products from your local supply
store which I did for more affordable prices)

My hair still suffers from heat damage from the past, so you might see some loose curls in the video but I hope my hair reverts back to more tighter curls everywhere! X

Black Castor Oil Strength & Grow & Restore Shampoo

Black Castor Oil Strength & Grow & Restore Conditioner
Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Shine Conditioner
Cantu (Argan Oil) Leave In Conditioner

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Natural Hair Journey 4C Hair, from Relaxed to Natural Hair.

Hello Everyone and welcome to my new Channel, thank you for watching. I´m still new and still trying to figure out the whole Youtube thing, I´ll get better(my Videos will get better) I learn fast promise :).

I wanted to share with you all my Natural Hair Journey. I have been natural for almost four years now. The Video shows pictures of my Natural Hair Journey from around 2007/2008 to October 2016 ( That was my 3 & 1/2 years of being natural). I transitioned for 6-7 months ( I´m not sure because I did not transition on purpose). I will be four years natural this April 2017 yaaay.

This Natural Hair journey has been amazing to both me and my Hair. My Hair got healthy again and it is healthier than ever. I never thought I would be able to grow my Hair back again.
Thanks to all the Natural Women who shared their Journeys with us and inspired me to back to my Natural Hair.

I mainly have coarse 4C Hair, with some 4B in there and maybe more? My hair, just like other naturals as well, has more than one texture.
4C Hair can grow and it can be healthy and thick too, just embrace it. :)… My hair does not grow super fast, I would say average.

Natural Hair Journey
4c Hair
3 1/2 years Natural
Healthy Hair

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