In this video, I washed my locs for the first time and used a stocking cap to prevent my locs from unraveling. [I really didn't feel like waiting another month, so I took matters into my own hands.] I started my locs with two-strand twists after transitioning for 7 months. My hair is now 9 months post-relaxer.
Disclaimer: I do not own the music in this video and I bought all products with my own money.

PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO IN IT'S ENTIRETY! I know it's late but I wanted to tell y'all about my takedown experience and I give 15 tips to the people starting their locs or have just started a loc journey from what I learned the 8 weeks I had mine.
Tips start at 5:49

I posted the 1st video publicly 2 years ago completely by mistake, it was supposed to just be listed for fam & friends only but thank you to those who watched and asked for an update… here you are!… I started my locs with two-strand twists and added extensions to the bottom of them…
if you'd like me to share more just LMK, I love to share what I've learned about hair care.

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First time trying a twist out! love it but ….I wish my locs were a little bit fuller. it is what it is so I will make due what what I have.

Song: Bruno Mars "just the way you are"

Thank you for the love and support!

Hi everyone! Here is my 4 week update since taking down my original two strand twist on November 30th and re-twisting them back up. I will be doing a semi-freeform journey for the next year. At least that is my goal. I'm still loving my journey! Be sure to subscribe and stay tuned to follow my loc journey and for more updates.

My way of locing my hair so that it is tight and I can get it wet from day one.

This took me a few days because I started with braid locs. Once they were done I decided I wanted them smaller so I started to halve the locs I started. While unbraiding and re-braiding I discovered that most people have locs that look like braids for up to a year or more. I had no interest in that so I began the twist/interlock method described. Only after I was mostly finished did I realize that if I pulled the hair it would make the lock tighter so I am not totally sure I won't go back and re-twist them all… Damn being a Virgo. LOL

I use pure shea butter in them and as long as I warm it in my hands to make it creamy I have found no build up issues and my hair is still soft.

Mind the boxes in the back I am moving.

Hi Guys!!
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I want to thank you guys for getting me to this point, I truly appreciate it.
In this video I talk about some pros and cons that helped me make the decisions to start my locs with two strand twist. Hopefully this video gives you a better understanding of why I made this decision and maybe help you decide how to start your locs. Thank You so much for watching!

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