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I've gotten my second style, and I am loving it. Here's some commentary on how I like two strand twists on my fine, medium length hair. My locs are coming along quite nicely.

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First time trying a twist out! love it but ….I wish my locs were a little bit fuller. it is what it is so I will make due what what I have.

Song: Bruno Mars "just the way you are"

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Using the same technique as I did on my previous video to make a bob.

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My way of locing my hair so that it is tight and I can get it wet from day one.

This took me a few days because I started with braid locs. Once they were done I decided I wanted them smaller so I started to halve the locs I started. While unbraiding and re-braiding I discovered that most people have locs that look like braids for up to a year or more. I had no interest in that so I began the twist/interlock method described. Only after I was mostly finished did I realize that if I pulled the hair it would make the lock tighter so I am not totally sure I won't go back and re-twist them all… Damn being a Virgo. LOL

I use pure shea butter in them and as long as I warm it in my hands to make it creamy I have found no build up issues and my hair is still soft.

Mind the boxes in the back I am moving.

I did this during the summer
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If I do this again, I will try combing out the marley twist hair before I use it

Canna Butter Kisses – Elli Ingram
I Do (Remix) – Ari Lennox

Today you get a full course of Dreadlock Styles!

For the Appetizer, we have fresh Rope Twists
The Entrée will comprise of a Samurai Bun. (0:37)
And for Desert, we'll have Curly Locs via Rope Twist-outs. (3:45)


Bon Appétit!


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This is a hair how to on how you can achieve protective two strand twists with your locks. Here I give very indepth instructions. Hope this was very helpful.

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