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Take the Guess Work Out of Natural Hair Care.
~ Facts and, "Not So" Common Sense to Longer, Thicker, Healthier Hair.

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Here's my wash routine that's gear towards long hair growth! Your hair is sure to grow when you take great care of it anyway but this routine in particular focuses on hair growth stimulation! If you want to use this routine weekly you can

PS This works for 4c,4b,4a,3c,3b,3a and even type 2 hair!






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In this video I am discussing a few things that helped me grow my hair and retain length..
Hopefully you find the information helpful..

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I have natural or chemical free hair..
I have fine, medium density hair with multiple hair types but majority of it is 4a..
My last relaxer: July 2009
My big chop: November 2009

I hate the whole hair typing system and don't pay much attention to it.. I use whatever product I want based on how my hair reacts to it.

In this video, my hair is in an old braid out.. I did my braids on freshly washed hair, let it air dry until it was 85-90% dry, and used the argan oil eco styler gel along with sweet almond oil to do my braids. I wore the braids to bed, tying it down with a satin scarf. The next morning I just unraveled them.

Braid Out Maintenance:
Mist hair with water and use sweet almond oil or extra virgin olive oil to re-braid.

How I Moisturize My Hair:

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Playlist for Different Hairstyles:

I will make another video discussing how often to wash your hair.. I purposely did not discuss that topic in this video..

Eyeshadow Info:
Goldilux by sugarpill cosmetics

How I Grew My Hair | Length Retention