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Organic Root Stimulator Lock and Twist Gel:
Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil:

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Are you tired of trial and error when it comes to your natural hair? If so, watch my bantu knot out tutorial to see how i achieve perfect results! I hope this helps all of you, and i would LOVE to hear about your experience!! Comment, rate, SUBSCRIBE!!!

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Retro Hair Stimulating Shampoo (SULFATE FREE) – This is a professional product from my hairstylist, I recommend using what ever SULFATE FREE shampoo that works best for you!
Click link for product –

Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment – This is also a professional product, but you can find it various places on the internet.
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Thermafuse One Pass F450 Hot Iron Smoothing Creme
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Organic Root Stimulator (ORS) Olive Oil Smooth-n-Hold Pudding
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Most of the products i used are professional products. I come from a family full of hairstylists and i always have all sorts of these products at hand. If you do not have access to these products, there are similar products that can be found at Sally's Beauty Supply stores or any stores with hair products.

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Are you looking for a new natural hairstyle? Does your wash'n go need a little PIZAZZ?! Well, fear no more! I've created a tutorial showcasing a hairstyle called a 3 strand twist out! I know what your thinking – No, I am not referring to a braid out. In fact, you'll actually achieve twice the definition of a braid with this technique! You'll even notice that the results are far more defined than a regular 2 strand twist out. With this style you will have insane definition that lasts a week or more!! I hope this helps all of you, and i would LOVE to hear about your experience!! Well, what are you waiting for?? Watch this tutorial to find out how to get telephone cord defined curls! Comment, rate, SUBSCRIBE!!!


ORS Olive Oil (Creme)
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DevaCurl Ultra Defining Gel
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