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Weave, Natural Hair vs. Perm

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Hey guys!! Welcome back to my channel!! Here's a new video for you guys!! My perm rod set! This was my first time attempting this and i did make mistakes! But in the end i think it came out pretty well!!

Love you guys! XoXoXo

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Products Used:
Paul Mitchell's "The Conditioner" –
Olive oil Eco Styler Gel –
White Perm rods (7/16 inch)-
Jamaican Black Castro Oil (original) –

T E C H I F O:
Editing: iMovie
Camera: Samsung Nx Mini
Song: Lady (Wantigga Flip)

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Hey Ladies!

2017 Update: I wash my hair at least once every 3 weeks. My regimen (which isn't really a regimen) has changed since the filming of this video:

1. I no longer do hot oil treatments. I detangle my hair in sections with a spray bottle that contains water, conditoner and some oil. I saturate my hair with enough of the mixture so that I can detangle easily with a wide tooth comb. After its all detangled, I keep the twists in and head to the shower!
2. I still wash my hair in sections…about 6 or 7.
3. I shampoo twice making sure to focus on cleaning the scalp very well
4. I try to deep condition during every wash and when I do I cover my hair with a hot wash cloth, wrap with plastic and cover with a towel to trap the heat. I leave that on for about 15 mins then rinse.
5. I style my hair in many different ways…I haven't styled my hair in two strand twists in forever. I will sometimes blowdry my hair to stretch it and style in big twists to wear a twist out.

I hope these tips are helpful to you!

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I have been natural for 19 months. These are the products that work best on my coarse kinky hair that have helped my natural 4b/c hair grow and retain length durning my hair journey

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Hope you enjoy this footage of my current hair transition to all natural hair ???

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Great way to define, stretch and curl short 4B/C natural hair. Products used: Hair By Jamia For transitioning hair to help blend natural and relaxed hair together to create a uniform look. For best results stretch and roll hair at the same time up rod.

ABOUT THE STYLIST: In 2007, JAMIA uploaded the first "Flexi-Rod Set" video for Natural Hair and a complete series of Natural Hair Roller Setting Videos on YouTube(TM). She has helped 1000"s of stylists and countless women via her hairstyling videos, hair shows and workshops to improve their hair growth and retention by promoting hairstyling with an emphasis on the hair's health as well as it's beauty. Using 100% all-natural hair care products and her innovative styling techniques, many have learned how to improve their hair care and styling abilities in the salon and at home. She has encouraged many who have experienced chemical related hair loss and scalp conditions to "grow" natural. With her array of traditional as well as non-traditional natural hair styling and setting techniques she has helped many to see that they can achieve a beautiful polished look with their own healthy natural hair, using 100% pure and natural ingredients. Please enjoy her "Natural Hair Care & Styling" for ALL HAIR TEXTURES! Be sure to read her BLOG to get additional hair care & styling help and encouragement. Stay tuned, new videos will be added regularly. If you have questions about how to create styles or use natural products text your question to Jamia, 202-437-0457.

Natural Hair No Heat Curls & Waves Flexi Perm Rod Set Tutorial. Hair by Jamia.

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