Products used:
150g Godrej Nupur 9 Henna:
Coconut Milk: Local Market
Latex Free Gloves: (200ct-These will last you so long) I love using gloves to do my hair.
Hi loves! I Henna'd my hair!! Henna strengthens and conditions hair and will also stain the hair with a red/copper tint.

Thank you for all for the tips! I learned so much from the minimalist beauty @

Go check out her site she has so many amazing posts on Henna! I plan to do Henna regularly! Loved my results!! Hope you guys enjoyed this! : )

CurlyNikki has great info on Henna as well:
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Wash and Go Tutorial (Defining 4a/4b natural hair)

Wash and Go Tutorial (Defining 4a/4b natural hair)


Camera: Canon 5D Mark iii
Tamron Lens


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