What goes on! It's Chyna J and thanks for watching my first loc video! I am super excited to share my journey with you from start until foreverrrrr! Here's some details just in case I missed some things in the video!

How long have I been natural?
– 3 years. I know I said three but I'm getting old yall… cant remember like I used to

What method am i using to start my locs?
– two strand twist method

What products did I use to twist my hair?
– just a water and olive oil mixture in a spray bottle and Jamaican Black Castor oil infused with Sage to seal my hair.

How many locs do I have?
– girl, I have zero clue. I will do a video counting them later!

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Thank you for watching! Love & Light!

I started my locs 9/25/12 using the two strand twist method.
My locs are semi-freeform. Semi- freeforming your locs is different from freeforming.

Freeform locs also referred to as natural locs, involves the natural locking of the hair without any manipulation.
Semi-freeforming is when the locs are partially manipulated by pulling the locs apart or retwisting certain sections such as the hairline.
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