how to get 360 waves. bad camera quality nd i shot dis at nite so, i mite make a nutha vid just 2 show how nice my waves realy are.hers a link 2 a pic of my hair .btw i havent had a haircut in 4 weeks so my hairlines not the hair is just pressd down
roodyboy2003's webcam video August 10, 2010, 08:31 PM

Thanks for taking the time to watch the video!!! Just wanted to make note that If it hurts, its not being done correctly! You shouldn't feel it at all! This technique is used to keep it looking neat WITHOUT pulling too tight! It gives the illusion that its tight when it not!

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I decided to revisit an old classic! Remember the Effortless Beach waves Tutorial? Well, I wanted to see how it would look with my current length! It's definitely different, but I love it just the same! If you haven't already tried the Effortless Beach Waves, give it a shot! It's great for all lengths! Hope you enjoy!

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