I started my locs 9/25/12 using the two strand twist method.
My locs are semi-freeform. Semi- freeforming your locs is different from freeforming.

Freeform locs also referred to as natural locs, involves the natural locking of the hair without any manipulation.
Semi-freeforming is when the locs are partially manipulated by pulling the locs apart or retwisting certain sections such as the hairline.
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Bantu knot out on my pink and purple hair.

Hair color: Arctic Fox Virgin Pink
Arctic Fox Purple Rain

♡ SNAPCHAT: @ayifa.afiya
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I shaved off all my natural hair on April 2, 2016. If you're interested in my hair donation story, click here to read about it:


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Jupe – Hurry (2.0) [Majestic Color]

Allison & Vexento – Mango Breeze



Nikon D3200 (18-55mm lens)

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