My way of locing my hair so that it is tight and I can get it wet from day one.

This took me a few days because I started with braid locs. Once they were done I decided I wanted them smaller so I started to halve the locs I started. While unbraiding and re-braiding I discovered that most people have locs that look like braids for up to a year or more. I had no interest in that so I began the twist/interlock method described. Only after I was mostly finished did I realize that if I pulled the hair it would make the lock tighter so I am not totally sure I won't go back and re-twist them all… Damn being a Virgo. LOL

I use pure shea butter in them and as long as I warm it in my hands to make it creamy I have found no build up issues and my hair is still soft.

Mind the boxes in the back I am moving.

Creme Of Nature gives my hair life!!!!!!!!!!!! I love most of there products and fragrances. Thank you guys for watching please leave a comment, like & share the video, and please please please subscribe to my channel! THANK YOU

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Hey mamas!!! I know it can be hard taking care of your baby/ toddler hair. I start taking caring of my baby from to start, I was moristuring with coconut oil until I started the LOC Method on baby hair. (Leave Conditioner, a hair oil and hair creme. The LOC will help your toddler hair to grow. When combing baby hair you must be gentle, to retain hair growth. I try to do her hair every other day to lock in moisture. My daughter has type 3c and 4a hair. its very curly and fine, but very thick hair.

Things I use
2. leave in (Shea moisture,cantu, pentene, Miss jessie to name a few)
3. Oils (olive oil, Jamaican Black castor oil, coconut oil)
4.Creme (Shea Butter is my fave)

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HEADS UP! **The shea butter i use is actually a mixture that i create myself, so you can't find it in the store! Its a combination of 100% raw shea butter and some other great oils that help seal moisture, nourish, repair, and protect the hair shaft . I can do a DIY on this if you'd like! I included the "as i am double butter cream" as an alternative if you do not have access to raw shea butter orrrr you just don't like doing DIY's haha.**

yummy stuff i used
-spray bottle of water
-carols daughter black vanilla leave in spray
-raw shea butter home made mixture (or as i am double butter cream works just as well!)
-clips & or pony tail holders
-a detangling comb
-a regular pick
-organix moroccan aragon oil
-passion fruit curl control paste (by curls)

Hey Gals & Guys! Here are 6 things I DON'T do with my natural hair especially since my big chop 3 years ago. Of course with time what I do and don't do with my hair changes. Let me know what you Don't/no longer do with your natural hair.

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Watch as I lock in moisture using Shea Butter on my daughter's hair. This is a way to protect your hair after a wash to retain length.

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Time for . . . Talk With Teeks! Is Shea Butter good for your Natural Hair? Today I'm going to let you know my thoughts on Shea Butter both the Pros & Cons. I'm also going to introduce you to a new Shea Butter line I discovered called Femi Holistic! Don't be afraid to share your thoughts about Shea Butter below. Let's Chat! LUBB YOU!

We all our entitled to our own opinions so please keep it positive in the comments! Thanks loves 🙂 We are all here to learn including myself.


Femi Holistic

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This is how I use African Threading to Stretch my hair, heat free.

Links to mentioned videos & More Informaiton: African Threading
tutorial: – ♥ 9 ♥ African Hair Threading Tutorial
(Ghana Plaits): Braiding Technique #6

African Threaded Protective Style for Adults: ♥ 41 ♥ African Threading
For Grown-Ups!:

Thread for used for braiding hair: The same weave thread used for
sew-in weaves. You can find it at any beauty supply store that sells
hair extensions.
The authentic thread used in Ghana is much silkier than weave thread, so if you find your hair doesn't work well with weave thread you can try that, or a silkier synthetic thread from a sewing/craft store. Here's a link to a picture of the authentic thread: – PLEASE NOTE I am not recommending this site, it's just a photo I found on the internet. This thread is a little harder to come by than weave thread. Some African shops carry it. It's also not as strong as weave thread so you may need to double the thread up before braiding.

Large bottle of Giovanni's Direct leave-in Moisturizing
conditioner:Online – Massage warehouse sells the large bottle for
around $12.

Shea Butter Mix Tutorial: ♥ 17 ♥ How I make my Shea butter mixes

In this video I talk about how to know the difference in quality shea butter. I also model my new pregnancy wear which I truly love! Subscribe, Comment, and Like for more videos.

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I recorded this video over 2 years ago on my oldest daughter's hair. Throughout this video you will learn the basics of conrowing. Once you learn the basics, you can create a variety of styles on both you and your childs hair. Get creative and have fun with it!

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