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Hiya guys! I am going to be showing you all how I trim my hair as it's been fovever since I last trimmed my hair. I am always about comfort when it comes to taking care of my natural hair… So I really do hope you ENJOY! Please don't forget to LIKE, SHARE,COMMENT & SUBSCRIBE!!!


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Here's a detailed breakdown on how to separate and fluff twist outs to get big, defined and fluffy curls, plus some tips and tricks for low density hair because who doesn't want volume!

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My hair color:
This a custom color job, created by a stylist at a salon, using a professional system not available in beauty supply stores and which requires a valid cosmetology license to purchase–no I do not know the name.
Bleach was not used. We have been lifting my hair lighter and lighter over time using developer (which is not bleach) since October of 2015. I will not post a video on how to color because I am not a licensed cosmetologist and I will not give directions on how to use chemicals that I do not have a good understanding of. If you'd like help with achieving this color, please consult a LICENSED professional who specializes in natural hair because coloring will alter your hair and can damage depending on your texture and the process.

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