Natural Hair Bantu knot out Tutorial! =) Enjoy
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My name is Judith, Creator of JudithsNaturalHair and JudithsForeignLife, welcome to JudithsNaturalHair. I decided to "go Natural" January 2014, my last relaxer was on December 4th 2013. I make these videos not because I am an expert or know better than the next person but because merely sharing your journey encourages others walking the same journey. I am here to be your Friend, Encouragement and honestly, whatever esle (Good) you find in me. Please Subscribe, Like my videos to Help out my Channel. Lots of Love !


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Struggling with Natural Hair cause your hair is not growing fast enough or you hate your 4c, 4b, 4a curl pattern, people call you nappy or your hair is not as long as naptural85 hair. I hope i encourage you. Having a TWA or Teeny Weeny Afro might suck. You cant do most NAtural hairstyles like puff or high puff, (I show you how to in a previous video) Short long or medium length whatever type, My channel and videos can help!
If you Just did you Big Chop, our cut off all you relaxed hair. Watch my monthly/bi monthly updates. I have videos on Wash and go, Defining your curls, favorite products. (borderline product junkie)
I am black african Nigerian lady with Natural Hair. I do not have crazy long hair. BSL length etc. I've only been on my Natural HAir journey for a year after transitioning for 7 months. I do twist outs, Bantu knots out, Flexi rod sets etc but my fav is a braid out. I love afro textured hair and very proud to be represent black women. Watch and enjoy

Thanks for watching