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I've gotten my second style, and I am loving it. Here's some commentary on how I like two strand twists on my fine, medium length hair. My locs are coming along quite nicely.

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I posted the 1st video publicly 2 years ago completely by mistake, it was supposed to just be listed for fam & friends only but thank you to those who watched and asked for an update… here you are!… I started my locs with two-strand twists and added extensions to the bottom of them…
if you'd like me to share more just LMK, I love to share what I've learned about hair care.

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Here is my 15 month loc and life update where I discuss free forming of the hair and the mind and my current yoga and cleansing experiences. One thing I forgot to mention is that people in the loc/natural hair community often ask me if I do my own hair and when I say yes they seem surprised. They seem even more surprised that I don't retwist and seem to want to advise me on how to do my hair sometimes, which I find interesting lol. Is semi free forming/free forming really so uncommon? Comment below with responses or questions!

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Hey Loves!!! As promised, here is my new color! I absolutely LOVE it!!! What do y'all think?? Thumbs up if y'all like it!!!

Also check out the quick clip of my retwist towards the end! If y'all want a longer video of me retwisting my hair and putting in the two strand twists, let me know and I'll get the rest of the video uploaded!!

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How to do Two Strand Twists on Locs and Prevent them from Unraveling.

Where are you from? Jamaica
How many locs do you have? About 215
What's your skin type? Dry

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